• An important factor in PV project planning is financial modeling of your PV system. Module 5 introduces you to PV ownership options, comparing the risks and opportunities of various ownership models available to WI K-12 schools. We also introduce you to Solar Project Builder, MREA's financial modeling tool. We highly encourage you to use the tool to view, compare, and analyze the financial value and return of various ownership options for your school's PV system. 

    Again, oftentimes solar contractors can provide you a preliminary proposal featuring a financial analysis along with a free site assessment early on in the process (see examples in topic resources below). However, it is important to have a basic understanding yourself of all of this so you can understand how they reached the numbers and conclusions they did. This topic is intended to help provide you that information. 

Assessing and Selecting a Site for Your Solar ProjectBid-Ready Solar Projects: RFP Development