• After gaining a basic understanding of your school's energy use and utility information, the next step in developing a PV project is conducting an assessment of your site (i.e. determining potential location(s) for a PV system and identifying other electrical and structural information). This module discusses common best practices and resources that site assessors utilize to prioritize and select ideal sites for PV development. Please watch the module videos to gain an understanding of the role that site assessments play in the PV development process. Then, use the resources to internally conduct your own site assessment, collecting information on your school's potential PV site(s) to be included in your RFP. 

    NOTE: It is not necessary to have an outside party conduct a site assessment. It is also not necessary to internally do any of this work either before developing your RFP. However, doing this work ahead of time, and including this information on your RFP makes it much easier for a company to develop a bid for your school and will help you receive quality bids. 

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