• The next step in PV project development is analyzing your school's energy use-- meaning you need to get your hands on some of those utility bills! This section will lay out some of the steps your solar planning team should take to understand the school's energy use and explains how this information informs the PV development process. In this module, we introduce energy analysis topics including: energy generation mix, load profiles, utility tariffs, rate designs, PV system sizing, and energy analysis tools. 

    It's important to note, that you need not develop and analyze your whole solar PV system internally. This section is intended to ensure you have a basic understanding in how solar will impact your energy use and electricity bills. Most solar contractors will provide you a site assessment and financial analysis free of charge. While schools are required to procure solar through a competitive bidding process, you can still choose to consult with a contractor early on in the process for site assessments and financial analysis, In the top of the course, we've compiled resources to help you find a contractor early on in the process. 

Early Considerations for a Solar ProjectAssessing and Selecting a Site for Your Solar Project