This online course explores system design considerations, including collector sizing and configuration, pipe sizing, component sizing, solar fluid volume estimatiion, heat storage, heat delivery, code considerations, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Participants will apply design elements while working through five case study systems, including space heating, commercial, and process heat applications.

In this 24-hour course, students will learn the basics of how to properly install two solar domestic hot water heating systems suitable for northern climates. The hands-on workshop includes both theory and installation practice. Participants will work as a group to install both a drainback and pressurized closed-loop system on a training roof. This class will qualify you to be on the Focus on Energy Full Service Installer List and has 21 NABCEP Continuing Education Credits.

This course leads participants through the background information required to perform a solar water heating assessment for a home. Participants of this course will learn how to assess a home for its potential for a solar domestic hot water system. Students will learn how to define a site’s solar window, interpret solar radiation and temperature data, size a system, identify system components, and determine the best location for collectors. Prerequisite: SDHW.