Solar instructor training courses

The Solar Instructor Community of Practice serves as an online resource where instructors and program managers can access and share resources to help advance PV training programs.  The resources in the Community of Practice are designed for program leaders looking to integrate PV content into their curriculum or design a program of study for PV Design and Installation or PV Technical Sales professionals. The resources include best practices for curriculum development, solar content integration, student work experience, accreditation, and hands-on labs. In addition, we will continually update resources on state market conditions and growth scenarios, solar career pathways, case studies of successful programs, strategies for accreditation and student certification, student service learning arrangements, community outreach materials,, and model transfer agreements to 4-year colleges.

Welcome to the 2016 Instructor Meeting. Instructor resources for this meeting are included in this online course page. 

In addition, if you are involved in peer reviewing materials for MREA Certificates, you will find those  material on tyhis course page. Your using this course page.