PV Development for WI K-12 Schools is a free online, on-demand resource center available to Wisconsin schools interested in going solar.  The resources were designed with K-12 schools in mind but much of the content is relevant and applicable to colleges as well. These resources are intended to assist school administrative teams, boards, staff, students, facilities crew, or other school affiliates (“Solar Planning Teams”) better understand the solar PV development process.

The resources can be utilized a la carte as needed for your solar PV project, or beginning-to-end. We have compiled expert-presented videos, WI solar school case studies, templates, RFP examples, and other resources all compiled in one place intended to help you develop a solar project for your school and guide you through bid selection and procurement. Information will be presented about general solar market trends, how to assess site prioritization, finance, and procurement strategies used to deliver on-site solar. Topics include:

  1. Solar PV Basics and Introduction
  2. Early Considerations for a Solar Project
  3. Your Energy Use and Analysis
  4. Assessing and Selecting a Site for Your Solar Project
  5. Solar Project Financial Modeling
  6. Bid-Ready Solar Projects: RFP Development
  7. Running a Competitive Solicitation and Bid Evaluation

This is a self-paced online course that was developed to support Solar Project Teams at Wisconsin K-12 schools in developing solar PV projects.